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Gif booth hire surbiton

Our GIF booths are one of the best on the market with a touch screen to start the booth and 12.9" iPad Pro to catch and make your GIF. The GIF is then able to be shared shared instantly via email, text or instagram directly from the booth. The GIF booth can be fully branded as can the GIF's themselves. 

GIF booth hire.jpg
GIF Pod hire.jpg
GIF booth hire.jpg

All our GIF booths are open air so more people can fit in each GIF. They are super simple to use (so simple we can leave the GIF booth with you and collect it after your event, so you get longer to enjoy the photo booth experience). If you would prefer some one there to assist with using the booth we can supply an attendant.

How the GIF booth works:

Touch the screen then stand back, strike a pose, the booth counts down from 3 to 0 then takes 10 pictures very quickly. The software will turn this into a GIF, ready for sharing via email, text or social media. It's that simple. 

brand the startscreen of your gif booth

iPad photo booth.png

Gif templates

We will work with you to design the perfect template for your GIF booth hire. We can make it square to fit perfectly on Instagram or regular size - both work very well. 
GIF pod hire.gif
sims pic.png
MCCA.0021.Photobooth branding v1.png
future gif at christmas.png
GIF Booth hire.gif
GIF Booth Hire.gif
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