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VR simulator hire surbiton

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Full motion simulator hire

What is a full motion simulator?

Hire our full motion simulator for all kinds of events. Fully brandable.

Simulations we offer:

  • Flight

  • Driving

  • Rollercoaster

  • Drone

It is very light weight, and uses just a standard plug socket drawing only 400 watts.

It can be used in full VR mode or can be used with just a screen. It has up to 80 degrees of movement; over 50% more than anything else on the market of this size.

Being only 60KG, 800mm wide and 1400mm long it can be used in many venues, and can be moved very easily with it's built in wheels.

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This is a video of someone enjoying our Virtual Reality rollercoaster simulator.

What's included when hiring a full motion  Simulator

When hiring one of our simulators, we supply:

  • Full Motion Simulator Chair 

  • High-powered gaming PC to run the simulation

  • Driving, flight or rollercoaster experience 

  • 30" screen for viewing the experience

  • A technician for the duration of the event 

  • Optional Virtual Reality headset to make the experience more immersive

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Static Racing simulator hire

Looking for some fun at your next event? Why not hire a racing simulator and run a competition.

What's included in a racing simulator hire:

  • Static racing seat

  • PC to run the racing simulation

  • 40" screen for viewing the experience 

  • An attendant for the duration of the event

  • Optional Virtual Reality headset to make the experience more immersive

All our simulators can work in Virtual Reality or with just a screen.

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Branded digital leader board hire

You will want to keep track of the lap times; what better way than to hire one of our branded leaderboards? 

What's included when hiring a leaderboard:


  • Fully custom-branded design

  • A 43" screen 

  • iPad and stand for inputting times and can be used to collect user's data

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Contact us for more infoRmation

020 8546 0030

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