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Photo Booth Hire FAQs

Q. How big is the photo booth?

A. They stand 1800mm tall, 410mm wide and 300mm deep.

Q. How does the booth get power?

A. The booth needs one uk plug socket. It runs on one 13 AMP plug. If abroad we have adaptors.

Q. Can the photo booths be used outside?

A. They can. As long as there is no chance of it getting wet, and there is a hard floor for it to stand on.

Q. How does the photo booth connect to the internet?

A. All our booths can be connected to a wireless internet connection. If this isn't available we would need an ethernet cable.

Q. How long does the photo booth take to set up?

A.  The photo booth takes around 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to take down. We always make sure we are on site one hour before the event starts.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes, all professional photo booth companies must carry Public Liability Insurance. All our booths are also electrically PAT tested.

Q. Do you stay with the booth?

A. We always stay with the booth to make sure your event runs smoothly, unless agreed otherwise.

Q. Can guests view the pictures after the event?

A. Yes, after your event we create a password protected gallery for you and your guests to view the images.

Q. What printers do your photo booths use?

A. We use thermal dye sublimation printers, the same as the photo processing companies use, the best in the business. The prints are fast, touch dry and water proof immediately.

Q. What cameras do your photo booths use?

A. Our photo booths use high end professional DSLR cameras resulting in sharp quality pictures.

Q. Do we get a digital copy of the pictures?

A.Yes, you will receive a USB with all the hi res images taken in the booth after your event (the individual shots along with a copy of the photo booth prints).

Please contact us if there is anything we have missed, or you would like to book.

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